Hotel for Wedding in Cancun - Sandos Cancun

13 AUGUST 2020

A hotel that brings an experience of luxury, relaxation and tranquility amid all the hustle and bustle of Cancun hotel zone. 


Sandos Cancun is the ideal hotel for couples who, when imagining their wedding in the Caribbean, see that breathtaking beach! The sand is so white and the sea has a beautiful gradient of turquoise that we even think: is this real? Believe it, because it is, indeed!

In view of most resorts where we have a wedding in Cancun and other Caribbean destinations, Sandos is a more compact hotel. Its structure is a building, occupies a smaller area and has fewer rooms, 214 in total. The fact that it is a smaller hotel does not mean that it leaves anything to be desired in terms of comfort, sophistication or service – in reality, it is just the opposite.

We, as your specialized wedding advisory in the Caribbean, are concerned with personally knowing the hotels we work with, in order to understand the experience provided by each one of them.

With that in mind, we recommend Sandos Cancun for couples looking for a luxury hotel for their destination wedding, which is a family hotel (which accepts children and teenagers under 18), but which, at the same time, is a quiet hotel, where you can relax with your guests before your big day.

I say this because, despite being a family hotel, it does not have many activities or entertainment for children, which makes families with young children look for other accommodation options. For this reason, we have a hotel with few children, for a family hotel rate.

And if there are families with children among the guests, there are tour options near the hotel to do with the little ones! 

As the bride and groom are always welcoming people and guests to their room, we usually suggest a more spacious and beautiful suite, which can already be a setting for your wedding day photos. At Sandos Cancun, this is the Caribe suite, with two bedrooms, a living room and a balcony with an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea. Thus, the couple can receive everyone they want with all comfort and privacy.

Sandos Cancun operates in an all-inclusive system, which includes all food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages. This means that all guests can consume whatever they want in any of the hotel’s restaurants and bars.

The bars have premium drinks from international brands, such as beers, wines, spirits and, also, drinks freshly prepared by the bartenders.

There are four specialty restaurants and a buffet of international cuisine – open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How about enjoying a typical Caribbean lunch very close to the swimming pool and with a fantastic view of the sea? And for dinner, our highlight goes to the meat restaurant and the Asian restaurant, with a Teppanyaki show, a really cool experience! But beware, the teppanyaki dinner is the only one that needs advance reservation.

The Piano Bar is the bar located in the hotel lobby and has a very luxurious décor and good drinks, it even looks like a bar from decades past! There, a good part of the night entertainment, live music and karaoke takes place. The hotel’s entertainment team also organizes themed parties, which sometimes take place in the bar, in the lounges or in the Penthouse, which is on the eighth floor of the hotel.

The hotel’s swimming pool has three levels, all with an infinity edge and views of the sea. The first two levels are quieter, for those who want to relax and enjoy the view, while the third one, closer to the beach, concentrates activities. These activities can be some interaction or games with the entertainment team, music, but always within the quietest proposal of the hotel.



To close the activities, you could not miss a beautiful spa, full of skin treatments, relaxing massages and hydrotherapy, for a moment of contemplation, or to share and enjoy with your loved one.

The spa also offers beauty salon services such as hairstyle, makeup, manicure and pedicure for the bride and guests who want to contract this service for the wedding day. To check the values of the services and leave Brazil with everything scheduled, just contact our team and we will take care of everything!


Sandos Cancun has three beautiful wedding areas; surely one of them will be suitable for your luxury wedding.

The beach is the perfect area for couples who dream of getting married in the Caribbean, with their toes in the sand, feeling the breeze that comes from the sea. A truly magical setting, for such a special moment! And it doesn’t matter that it’s just you and your loved one celebrating the union at an elopement wedding, or that you have many guests to witness; the beach is large and peaceful, easily accommodating up to 200 people.

In addition to the ceremony, it is possible to have the beach party, but there is an important detail! The Sandos chain is concerned with the environment, its beautiful beach is also loved by sea turtles that lay their eggs there from May to October. For this reason, during this period the maximum time for using the beach is at 9 pm.

Out of consideration for them, it’s okay to give up the beach until later, right?! Even more when we have a spacious terrace and a sensational view of the sea at dusk.

This area is called Terraza Martiniére and accommodates up to 300 people. But if your wedding is going to be more intimate, the space gives you the freedom to think about various options for assembly and decoration, including having the ceremony and dinner in the same area. And of course, our advisory service includes helping couples with suggestions and price estimates to make it the party you dream of.

And for very intimate weddings, the so-called mini weddings, the hotel has a Penthouse, on the eighth floor of the building, which accommodates up to 50 people.

Another important point to note is that Sandos Cancun has three wedding packages, all of which consider up to 30 people and the difference between them is the amenities of each one. Only the most complete package includes the use of the beach, so if you want to purchase one of the simplest packages and perform the ceremony on the beach, there is a government fee to be paid which costs around $ 350.00.

The Sandos chain is also part of the IGLTA, so it is able to hold symbolic and legal ceremony for couples of the same gender who dream of getting married in Cancun!


Gabriela and Guilherme Wedding - Photo: Thiago Truffe 

Gabriela and Guilherme Wedding - Photo: Thiago Truffe 

Gabriela and Guilherme Wedding - Photo: Thiago Truffe 

Gabriela and Guilherme Wedding - Photo: Thiago Truffe 

Gabriela and Guilherme Wedding - Photo: Thiago Truffe 



The hotel is located 20 minutes away from Cancun International Airport and 10 minutes by taxi from nightclubs.

There are 214 rooms in total, of which, there are only two Caribe suites - which we suggest for hosting the bride and groom. To guarantee room availability, we recommend booking in advance.

All wedding areas allow the party to continue until 11 pm, except the beach, from May to October, as previously mentioned.


Aerial View of the Sandos Cancun Hotel - Photo: Thiago Truffe 

Aerial View of the Sandos Cancun Hotel - Photo: Thiago Truffe 

Gabriela and Guilherme Wedding - Photo: Thiago Truffe


Text written by Victoria Viera - Event Analyst

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